Open Everyday - Orange 11am-2am, Sat & Sun 9am



    House-made Potato Chips

    soaked in beer, fresh herbs, garlic aioli ENJOY WITH: Humboldt Hemp Ale

    Available for: Lunch,Dinner,Late Night : D / V

    Pommes Frites

    house-cut french fries, fresh herbs, house-made ketchup

    Available for: Lunch,Dinner,Late Night : D / V / G

    Charcuterie Plate

    assorted salumi, paté maison, house pickle, artisan bread

    Available for: Lunch,Dinner : (no bread) / (no bread)

    Pig's Face

    roulade of hog's head, arugula, lemon-shallot vinaigrette, shaved pecorino

    Available for: Lunch : (no cheese) / G

    Oxtail Tortelloni

    truffle butter, bone marrow

    Available for: Lunch,Dinner

    Duck Croquettes

    pickled red cabbage puree, peach, shaved celery

    Available for: Lunch,Dinner,Late Night

    Deviled Eggs

    twice-smoked bacon, chives, smoked sea salt, house-made pickles

    Available for: Lunch,Dinner : D / G

    Fried Pig Ears

    coconut salt, Moroccan spice, charred lime

    Available for: Lunch,Dinner,Late Night : D / G

    Hand-twisted Pretzel

    ilocano asin philippine sea salt, beer mustard, bacon-fontina cheese sauce

    Available for: Lunch,Dinner,Late Night : (no bacon-fontina cheese sauce)

    Salt & Vinegar Chips

    red wine vinegar powder, sea salt

    Available for: Lunch,Dinner,Late Night : D / V

    Truffle Fries

    pommes frites, house-made sel gris truffle salt, garlic aioli

    Available for: Lunch,Dinner,Late Night : D / V / G


    French Onion

    crostini, gruyère

    Available for: Lunch,Dinner,Late Night : D (no cheese)

    Shrimp and Corn Bisque

    laughing bird shrimp, chile oil, tomato

    Available for: Lunch,Dinner : G


    Mac n' Cheese

    black truffles, gruyère, fontina, parmesan

    Available for: Lunch,Dinner,Late Night

    Shepherd's Pie

    lamb, beef, root vegetables, cream, rosemary mashed potatoes, cheese

    Available for: Lunch,Dinner : G (no béchamel)

    Wagyu Beef Cheek Poutine

    red wine-rosemary gravy, cheddar cheese curds, pommes frites

    Available for: Lunch,Dinner,Late Night


    Radicchio and Frisée

    chèvre, cherry tomatoes, truffle vinaigrette, twice-smoked bacon lardons, poached cage-free egg

    Available for: Lunch,Dinner : D (no cheese) / V (no bacon) / G

    Heirloom Tomato Salad

    bocconcini, basil gel, prosciutto crisp, moscatel vinaigrette, arugula

    Available for: Lunch,Dinner,Late Night : D (no bocconcini)  / V (no prosciutto) / G 

    Compressed Watermelon Salad

    nicoise olive puree, marinated feta, shaved cucumber, upland cress

    Available for: Lunch,Dinner,Late Night : D (no cheese) / V (no cheese) / G

    Brussels Sprouts

    prosciutto, lemon juice

    Available for: Lunch,Dinner,Late Night : D / V (no prosciutto) / G

    Chinese Long Beans

    blistered with nduja-black garlic butter, calabrian chile

    Available for: Lunch,Dinner : D (no butter) / V G

    Roasted Spaghetti

    spaghetti squash, marinara, cheese

    Available for: Lunch,Dinner  : (no cheese and butter) / V / G



    roma tomatoes, basil, mozzarella

    Available for: Lunch,Dinner,Late Night : D (no cheese) / V

    Wild Mushroom

    wild mushrooms, gruyère, fontina, parmesan, oregano, garlic, arugula

    Available for: Lunch,Dinner,Late Night : (no cheese) / V

    Laughing Bird Shrimp

    roasted corn, baby heirloom tomatoes, cilantro pistou, mixed cheese

    Available for: Lunch,Dinner,Late Night : (no cheese)


    The Haven Burger

    pickled red onions, roasted red bell peppers, wild arugula, st agur cheese, pommes frites

    ENJOY WITH: Punk IPA by Brewdog

    Available for: Lunch,Dinner,Late Night : D (no bun and cheese) / G (no bun)

    Short Rib Tacos

    pickled red onion, cotija cheese, salsa borracho

    Available for: Lunch : D (no cheese)

    Citrus Cured Salmon

    sliced thin with baby heirloom tomatoes, pickled radish, cucumbers, arbequina olive oil on toasted sourdough

    Available for: Lunch : D / G (no bread)

    Lamb Burger

    onion jam, tzatziki, onion sprouts, rosemary brioche bun, pommes frites

    Available for: Lunch,Dinner,Late Night : (no bun and tzatziki) / (no bun)


    Jumbo Prawns

    wrapped in applewood-smoked bacon, cheddar cheese grits, rustic tomato salsa, cilantro oil

    ENJOY WITH: Allagash Interlude

    Available for: Lunch,Dinner,Late Night : G

    Butter Poached Halibut

    Spanish chorizo, fingerlings, cippolini onion, tomato butter, persillade

    Available for: Dinner : G / D (no butter)

    Skuna Bay Salmon

    corn purée, lobster crema, chanterelles, swiss chard

    Available for: Dinner : G


    Organic Half Chicken 

    squash blossoms, baby heirloom tomato, farro, kale nage, sweet onion marmalade

    Available for: Dinner : (no farro)

    Rabbit Two Ways

    potato-wrapped confit leg, loin with rabbit farce, truffle potato mille feuille, chanterelles, baby turnips, rabbit jus

    Available for: Dinner

    Flat Iron Steak

    potato espuma, asparagus, bordelaise vinaigrette

    Available for: Dinner,Late Night : G

    Prime Hanger Steak

    heirloom tomato and watermelon salad, brûlèed goat cheese, buttermilk, upland cress

    Available for: Lunch : G / D (no cheese)

    Whole Roasted Suckling Pig, Leg of Lamb or Beef Roast

    ~naturally and humanely raised

    ~served family style

    ~choice of 3 sides

    ~parties of 8 to 14 people

    ~1 week notice required

    ~large format beer pairing available

    ~email for more details, or to request a reservation

    Available for: Dinner


    Cheese Plate

    selection of three cheeses with accompaniments

    Almost Flourless Chocolate Cake

    crème fraîche ice cream, glazed cherries, chocolate sauce

    Summer Parfait

    olive oil cake, raspberry jam, Harry's strawberries, diplomat cream, lemon crème fraîche

    House-made Doughnuts

    strawberry ale jelly, maple cinnamon whipped cream

    Sticky Toffee Pudding

    toffee sauce, crème fraîche, brûlée banana, bourbon-bacon ice cream

    D : Dairy Free Items  /  V : Vegetarian Items  /  G : Gluten Free Items